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Unreleased Dio Tracks Exist


Ronnie James Dio
This, according to former Dio drummer Simon Wright.

He says that “three or four” unfinished demo recordings were made prior to singer Ronnie James Dio’s death, and that the tunes could be completed for a future release.

Wendy Dio is no doubt drooling. All over her new husband.

The last song to be fully realized with Ronnie, “Electra,” was featured on the ultra-rare Tournado box set, but Wright claims rough versions of other tracks exist.

“There were three or four songs he had been working on,” the drummer tells Classic Rock Revisited.

“I’m not sure what will happen. At some point, maybe, they’ll come out,” he continues. “You would have to be careful how you approached it — you wouldn’t want to overstep your bounds. We’d sit and listen to them and see how far he got. We’d do it with total respect and we’d do it delicately.”

No shit, dude.