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Carpathian Forest Founder Releases Weird Statement


Carpathian Forest
You know, I was wondering what was up with iconic Norwegian black metal act Carpathian Forest booking all these 2013 festival appearances.

Now, I know what’s going on, and I am pleased.

Founder Nattefrost, in a new statement, has succinctly made clear the reasons for Carpathian Forest’s absence from the metal scene.

The statement also lays to rest any speculation about the band’s future.

“I have more or less been off the road and caught in a downward spiral for nearly a decade,” starts the statement. “Now clean and rehabilitated, I have been living in Telemark for more than a year — a family man and father.”


“And once again I am working on music. Communication and chemistry within Carpathian Forest have never been better so ‘Fuck You All!!!'”

The lineup remains unchanged: Nattefrost on vocals, Tchort and BloodPervertor on guitars, Vrangsinn on bass and Kobro on drums.

The members have been regularly rehearsing together not just for the live appearances, but also in preparation for recording new material, of which there is plenty, according to Nattefrost.

I need to get my ass to Maryland Deathfest.