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Readers’ Bands: Let’s Meet The Black Moriah


The Black Moriah
I’m constantly impressed by the sheer talent possessed by my loyal readership. You fuckers can play…most of you, anyways.

Today, we’re profiling The Black Moriah, a band whose guitarist reads GSA.

“If you have a moment, may I present to you for your damned ears,” writes Zawicizuz (Absu, Bleed the Son, Infernal Oak, Rape Pillage and Burn).

His email included a link to all of The Black Moriah’s various sites. At the end of this post, you can listen to some of the band’s tunes.

These dudes, in my opinion, know how to fucking play, and they can now claim me as a fan. If they want. They may not want that.

The band formed with the expressed purpose of forging “rusty metal for a desert funeral.”

If you dig blackened thrash, or get down to bands like Bathory, Kreator, Slayer, and Venom, may I suggest you, too, become a fan of The Black Moriah.