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Morbid Angel Frontman Says People Coming Around To Illud Divinium Insanus


Morbid Angel
I call bullshit.

Morbid Angel’s David Vincent stopped by our pal Full Metal Jackie’s studio recently, and claims fans are finally coming around to the universally-panned Illud Divinium Insanus.

What the hell’s he smoking?

“One thing about Morbid Angel is that there’s never been any rules and it’s an interesting perspective,” David starts telling Jackie.

“We just kind of go in and do what we do, and sometimes it blossoms; every flower is a different color and a different smell,” he says. “This album, it surprises people, a couple of tracks on there, and then there’s a couple of other tracks that are as Morbid Angel as you can get.

“People are coming around. It was slow going at first — people were going, ‘What are these guys doing here?’ and night after night, I’m getting comments, people are like, ‘I finally really listened to it and I really like it. It just took me a while.’”

Those people are just ass-kisses. Or simply don’t know any better.

“That’s no different than some of the other records we’ve done in the past, so everything is going as planned,” says Vincent.

That album was shit, and everyone knows it. I wish these dudes would just admit they fucked up.