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Evildead Break Up


Veteran Los Angeles thrashers Evildead have thrown in the towel.

The band cited “personal differences” as the reason for their break.

“We thank all the fans, journalist, promoters, and supporters worldwide, this has not been an easy decision to make for us who worked hard to rebuild and regain our loyal fan base,” says a statement from the band.

If you were not familiar with the band, you’re not alone.

Four former members of the band have launched a new group called Faeost.

I have no idea how that is pronounced.

“Faeost is currently working on 10 new songs that would have seen the light of day under the former Evildead moniker, were it not for the sudden, lapse of communication and overall personal differences within the band,” says a press release.

Here’s a parting shot of Evildead for ye.