They like Terror
Not that one shouldn’t demean The Ghost Inside.

I mean…I don’t give a fuck about ‘em, do you?

I hardly give a fuck about Terror.

But the band did debut a new cut called “Hard Lessons” last night while playing in the United Kingdom.

Video footage of that follows at the end of this post.

You’ll also see somewhat douchey frontman Scott Vogel slamming The Ghost Inside.

Scott was referencing Terror’s upcoming album, Live By The Code, when he said, “It’s a very anti record of bullshit bands like The Ghost Inside that claim they’re hardcore when they don’t even know what hardcore is. Get out of my face, oh yeah, that’s what’s up. We’re not holding back anymore, ya know what I’m saying.”

Oh, I know what you’re saying, homeslice.

  • Jay Barnes

    If you don’t care about these bands, then why do you post about them ??

    • christhescribe

      I write for my public…

  • Frank

    We are the public. And we do care about these bands which is how i found your shitty article.

  • C

    chris harris is an idiot

  • tim

    chris if you have idea about any of these bands and probably listen to Justin beaver , you should shut the fuck up! scott was mad about something ghost inside did and the singer of ghost inside said he and scott KNOW what it is!!! he also said that in one way or another it was his fault. with all the magazine that you write for or have it shows me that you know nothing about HARDCORE! ITS NOT A MUSIC GEN ITS A WAY OF LIFE,A FAMILY. i think your comments are somewhat douchey .

  • Nick

    If you don’t like these bands then let someone else who cares and respects these bands write about them. The people who are going to read this article are people who care about these two bands. Not people who don’t care for either of them. Even if you don’t like the sound of a band doesn’t mean you cant respect them. You are also disrespecting all of their fans including me. So fuck you too.

  • Miasma422

    hahaha it seems as you have quite a few trolls following your articles… if you don’t like his articles then why do you continue to read them????

  • I like Terror and Ghost Inside. Both are great bands imo. Sick of this bashing of bands in or out of the same genre. Just play the fucking music. Ghost Inside are some of the coolest guys I have ever met. After every show I’ve seen them at they’ve come off stage to high five the fans and hang for a bit.

  • dude.

    Why is Scott mad at The Ghost Inside?

  • Not Mitt Romney

    Wiggercore bands like Terror suck. The term “Hardcore” is something else these days — hip hoppers with a “hard edge” playing crunchy, chugga, chugga guitars… yawn.

  • melvin

    why write about something that you don’t care while others do? go write about mtv music , like beyonce. she’s prettier to look at than scott and you’ll have more people reading your stuff.