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Biohazard Working On New Material


Scott Roberts in the studio

Because we all devoured that last record in spades, so Biohazard’s rushing to get another one out…while the demand’s still skyscraper high.

Yes, folks. Biohazard have begun writing and demoing material for the follow-up to this year’s Reborn In Defiance.

Reborn was the band’s last record to feature bassist and cocksman Evan Seinfeld.

Did anyone get Reborn In Defiance?

Look, I used to be down with Biohazard. I was into them because they were from New York, like me, and because I was a dumb kid who wanted to fuck shit up.

Now I’m older, and I guess it doesn’t resinate the same way with me.

Did anyone listen to the record? Was it any good?