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All Else Failed Playing Halloween Gig


All Else Failed
Fuck, man. I wish I could go.

I have no plans for this Halloween. I was going to dress up as Mr. Shoop from “Summer School” but there’s a fucking hurricane coming and I have no real inspiration to do anything.

But I would attend All Else Failed’s Halloween show…if I lived even remotely close to where it’s going down.

All Else Failed’s original lineup is getting together at J.C. Dobbs on Halloween. Then, the band’s current lineup is playing two nights later…also in Philadelphia.

The November 2 show — which we told you about a while ago — is at Broad Street Ministry.

This is kind of rad. Essentially, you’re getting two different bands, playing two entirely different sets…you should go, suckers.

Remember…All Else Failed features regular GSA columnist Patrick Shannon amongst its ranks. So go see them.