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Suffocation Have Some Very Dumb Fans


So, I guess some of Suffocation’s fans are dolts. Either that or their reading comprehension sucks harder than your mom drinking a vanilla milkshake.

Some folks read frontman Frank Mullen’s statements in a recent interview and didn’t get what dude was saying. They thought he said he was leaving the band.

Fucking morons.

There’s been so much confusion that the band’s label issued this press release saying Mullen “recently gave an interview that spread very quickly about him no longer performing with the band full time.”

It quotes Frank saying “I am not leaving Suffocation. Massive one month long touring on my side cannot be done anymore though. When the new album is released next year I will be touring as much as possible to support the album as well as the following year in 2014.”

He says “When I was asked that question in the interview I was taken off guard and didn’t really know what my schedule was going to look like next year and wanted to try and answer. I haven’t given much thought to what our touring schedule would look like since we’ve been in the studio recording the new release. So I’m going to be getting out there as much as I can to support the album and get out there in front of the ones who have supported Suffocation over the years, the true fans. So we are going to be supporting this record as soon as it comes out.”

What numbskulls!