Talk of a Logan’s Run remake has been swirling for what seems like forever. The latest news, circulating since last summer, has Drive super duo, director Nicholas Winding Refn and star Ryan Gosling, teaming up for the sci-fi adventure.

At least that has been the word on the street for a while. Now Variety’s Justin Kroll, via Twitter, put the kibosh on that.

Logan’s Run is the 1976 film based on the novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. The plot centers around a dystopian future of 2274 where everyone is killed when they turn 30 years old (though that age is 21 in the book). When Logan 5 (Michael York in the original, presumably it would have been Gosling in the remake) hits the dreaded three-oh, he goes on the lamb, because he, you know, doesn’t want to die just for getting old.

There’s no specific reason given, but Gosling dropping out isn’t super surprising. One of the hottest indie actors in the business, the man is busy to say the least. To be honest it wouldn’t shock me to hear of Winding Refn stepping away from the project. It seems like every time you hear news about Logan’s Run it is to let us know that he and/or Gosling have taken on another project that will go down before moving on to Logan’s Run. They did just finish the Muay Thai western Only God Forgives, which will be released sometime next year.

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