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Satyricon To Debut New Material In March


So, this is phat as fuck.

Satyricon — who are awesome…because they’re Satyricon — have a new album in the works.

The black metal Norwegians have announced that they will perform an exclusive and especially long set — with material from their upcoming new album — at next year’s edition of the Inferno festival.

The fest is set to take place March 27 through March 30, 2013, at the Rockefeller, John Dee, Rock In, Blå, Unholy, Victoria and Revolver venues in Oslo, Norway.

Others playing include Taake, Purified in Blood, and Aeternus.

I happen to love Satyricon, so, despite my being in a shitty mood because work’s driving me nuts and things are confusing on the home front, I am pleased.