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Aerosmith’s Web Site Hacked By Really Dumb Band


What could it mean?
If you were in a struggling band, and took the time to hack into Aerosmith’s Web site to try and get some attention for yourself, wouldn’t you take credit?

Well, whoever hacked into the band’s site last week and this week — posting a typo-riddled note on Aerosmith’s site — failed to mention the name of their band.

So, the only people getting any press from this alleged hacking are the dudes in Aerosmith, which leads this dude to think that maybe those Aerosmith dudes are just using this hack job as a means for promoting their new album.

Anyways, you can go to Aerosmith’s site and check out the letter this nameless band wrote.

Seriously, if I hacked any band’s Web site, I’d redirect that shit to my own site or at least put up my site’s logo or something.

This makes no sense.