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Cavalera/Puciato Project Gets Even More Awesome With Mastodon’s Sanders


Troy Sanders
This is almost too fucking good to be true, you know?

Brader Bo of Singapore’s only metal radio show, “Vicious Volume,” spoke with the infamous Max Cavalera recently.

Max has been working with Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato on a project that’s supposed to sound something like Nailbomb, which would be most phat. However, the project has gotten so much better.

Not only is former Mars Volta member Dave Elitch in the group, but now Mastodon’s Troy Sanders is too.

“Troy from Mastodon just joined the band, too, so now we’ve got three singers for the project, which is also really killer,” says Max.

“I’m really excited about that, too. I think it’s gonna be a very original project. I don’t know any other metal projects out there with three people singing like this. So it can be almost like a Transplants of metal. Transplants had three singers; this also has three singers, and it can be very, very great.”

Now, I need to hear this band immediately. Don’t you?