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Readers’ Bands: And Now, Let’s Discover Mourn In Silence


Mourn In Silence
I have always wanted to visit Italy. I know people who’ve been and say it’s incredible. The food, the land, the people…especially the chicks.

I hear Cristina Scabbia’s considered ugly in Italy. No shit.

Anyways, today, we wanted to introduce you to a band called Mourn In Silence. They’re from Italy, and I think they’ve got something righteous going on.

I guess they’d be blackened symphonic metal. I’m so done trying to categorize bands. It’s like trying to decide which vegetable is the smartest.

We received an email from one of the dudes in the band, alerting us to Mourn In Silence. “Just wanted to start out by saying that I really respect what you guys have going on at Gun Shy,” the dude wrote; he did not provide a name. “You really built up an awesome site in the metal community.”

Well thanks, nameless dude.

We think you’re doing good work too, and to prove it, we’re exposing our modest readership to your music.

Check this song out and let us know — is Mourn In Silence dope or dull?