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Video: Check Out This Commercial For Harvest Fest


You want to go, you need to go
You can see it at the end of this post.

Gun Shy Assassin is one of the co-sponsors of the Harvest Fest, which will go down November 25 at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver.

The fest — brought together by the fine folks at Silver Surfer Vaporizers — will, as we told you before, feature Cephalic Carnage, Despise the Sun, and Tree of Woe.

There will be plenty of vendors there and now, we’ve got all the details on the rest of the lineup.

The bill also boasts Black Lamb, Iconocaust, Harvest The Murdered, Carnivorous Greed, Vimana, Eye of Minerva, Nuclear Reign, Fields of Elysium, Impaled Offering, Disease Called Human, and South Bronx Paradise.

Kids, this is going to be a full day of metal and hard rock with tons of prize giveaways from Silver Surfer Vaporizers, Dimebags, and many more.

If you live near Denver, how can you miss this?