So Nate Silver is out with some more numbers today that prove how clueless the Republicans were with regards to the electoral college.

Know why?

Because Ohio isn’t the state that swung it for Obama. It was Colorado. And he took at that state by nearly 5%.

The state after that? Virginia, which he easily won by 3%.

True, Ohio and Florida were close, but that was electoral gravy.

Here are the numbers…

And here’s what’s truly scary for Republicans…

Based on a preliminary analysis of the returns, Mitt Romney may have had to win the national popular vote by three percentage points on Tuesday to be assured of winning the Electoral College. […]

Had the popular vote been a tie – assuming that the margin in each state shifted uniformly – he would still have won re-election with 285 electoral votes, carrying Colorado and Virginia, although losing Florida and Ohio.

That’s a serious shift…and the country isn’t going to get LESS diverse. And with Obama’s GOTV machine being praised as quite possibly the best in political history, the Dems have a serious advantage going into the next election.

So, Repubs are going to have to do some serious reinvention otherwise they’re going to have a tough time in the coming years. And the Tea Party movement isn’t paving the way for success.

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