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Desolate Shrine Exclusive Song Stream: "Chalice Of Flesh And Bone"


So who here is Jonesing for some Finnish death metal?

You? Or maybe you?

I’m always Jonesing for death metal, no matter its country of origin.

Today’s exclusive stream just happens to come from a Finnish band, Desolate Shrine.

The song at the end of this post is evil, punishing, and vile. I don’t have any other words for it, really. You will like it. I can almost guarantee that shit. Unless you’re into Mutiny Within.

The song is called “Chalice Of Flesh And Bone” and it comes from Desolate Shrine’s album The Sanctum of Human Darkness.

The album drops December 15.

The Sanctum of Human Darkness is nearly 55 minutes of dark, misanthropic death metal which is a reminder why Finland remains home to some of the nastiest death metal known to modern man.

Now, devour and enjoy.

Chalice of Flesh & Bone