Dave Johnson as Cliton and Aubie Merrylees as Dorante in Lantern Theater Company's "The Liar." Photo by Mark Gavin

Let me just begin by saying that I have not laughed this hard in a really, really long time. Lantern Theater Company’s production of David Ives’ translation, and adaptation, of “The Liar” is both a well put together production, as well as comedy gold. The script, cast, costumes, and set come together to truly make this a memorable production.

“The Liar,” originally written by Pierre Corneille in 1644, is a farce like any other: mistaken identities, word play, physical humor, absurdity at every turn.  David Ives’ masterful use of the English language really shines in his translation/adaptation of this production.  The dialogue is sophisticated, and at times even a little naughty.  Innuendos abound in this tale of high society and young love.

Everyone on the cast does a magnificent job, and there is not a single person who outshines any other.  “The Liar” is very much an ensemble piece, as it greatly relies on all of its players to really get all of the laughs it deserves.  Aubie Merrylees and Dave Johnson make a wonderful team as the dashing liar Dorante and his truthful servant Cliton.  Merrylees truly brings together the right amount of pompousness and flair needed to really bring his character to life.  Emily Rogge does a smashing job as twin sisters Isabelle and Sabine, who are very much polar opposites of each other.

The costumes for this show are beautiful.  They are as colorful as they are extravagant, and only help to make the characters even larger than life than they already are.

This show is a must see, and to be quite honest, I hope to see it a few more times myself.

Tickets for Lantern Theater Company’s production of ‘The Liar” range from $20 to $38 and are available online at lanterntheater.org, or by calling the Lantern Box Office at 215-829-0395.  $10 student rush tickets are also available 10 minutes before curtain with valid ID, cash only.  There are additional discounts for seniors as well as groups of 10 or more.  Lantern Theater Company is located at St. Stephens Theater, 10th and Ludlow Streets in Center City Philadelphia. The show runs now through December 2nd, 2012.

Culture A Review of Lantern Theater Company's Production of David Ives' "The Liar"