Patrick Watson image credit: flickr user djenvert

Friday 11/16, Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson will perform at the Crocodile with Half Moon Run. Tickets are $18.78 including fees. Watson is touring to support his latest album, Adventures in Your Own Backyard.

Adventures is the kind album that calls for the audience to hush. There are delicate parts, and Watson’s voice is lovely to the extent that you really want to hear all of the intricacies. If this were the nineteen-eighties Watson would write a lot of power ballads. Instead of Tears for Fears, a lot of the music shows influences of Calexico, a bit of Sufjan Stevens. There are parts that are surreal, and parts with unmuted and shining trumpet that just scream crying victory.

Adventures is an album about finding the beauty and magic in home. It was recorded in Watson’s native Montreal. They pressed record, and a year later this album was born. There’s a lot of warmth. It’s an album for the cold months ahead. Watson’s sweetly tortured vocals swim among shakers and strings, and it all has a determined otherworldliness that hints at the magic possible if this can all be pulled off live. Fans of Cloud Cult, Calexico, Sufjan — take note: don’t miss this show.


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