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Having An Affair With David Petraeus? Writing A Book About Him?


Don’t have this be the title…

I’m just saying…

Here’s some background from Air Force Times about what’s in her book and how it’s climbing the charts on Amazon…

Broadwell wrote in the preface to “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” published by Penguin in January, that while at Harvard, Petraeus passed along his card and offered to help her academic work on leadership. The book’s ranking on jumped from 76,792 on Friday to 111 by midday Saturday.

“I later discovered that he was famous for this type of mentoring and networking, especially with aspiring soldier-scholars,” Broadwell wrote, adding that “I took full advantage of his open-door policy to seek insight and share perspectives.”

As you know, we don’t write about the politics of personal destruction very often here at Donklephant, but when we do…it’s hilarious.

You’re welcome.