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Metalocalpse Becoming Reality: Dethklok to Play Showbox SoDo on November 23rd

Metalocalypse Superband Dethklok
Metalocalypse Superband Dethklok

They are the world’s seventh rank economy. They are the lords of Mordhaus. They are Dethklok, the heaviest band in the world, and they are coming to the Showbox SODO on November 23rd. With opening acts; Machine Head, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder, this is bound to be a blistering show.

Beginning as a fictional heavy metal band in the animated show Metalocalypse, featured on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Dethklok now boasts three albums, the 2009 best international band award from Revolver magazine’s Golden God Awards, and owns multiple top 25 Billboard chart sightings. Fictional band no longer. They are a modern heavy metal powerhouse.

Brendon Small of Dethklok
Brendon Small of Dethklok

The show (Metalocalypse) and band (Dethklok) are the brainchild of writer/musician Brendon Small. He’s the show’s co-creator, co-writer, producer, composer and voice actor. The show follows the lives of death metal band Dethklok, with each episode featuring a song ‘performed’ by the band. A musician since the age of 14, Small writes and plays all the music for the show.  For all intents and purposes, Small IS Dethklok. For studio recording, Small performs vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards. Drummer Gene Hoglan and bassist Bryan Beller and guitarist Mike Keneally round out Dethklok’s live touring band.

Dethklok is both a satire on heavy metal, and metal music at its very best. Small has single-handedly mainstreamed the melodic death metal genre. Dethklok’s most recent album, Dethalbum III, peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hard Rock Chart. Dethklok is on its way to becoming the kind of force in reality, that it is in the cartoon.

Joining Dethklok on stage is Oakland heavy metal veterans Machine Head, a force in their own right. In 2007 they released The Blackening, a witheringly heavy album which earned the band its first Grammy Award nomination, and revived the band’s relevance in the metal world. They should prove to be a great fit with Dethklok.

All That Remains, hailing from Springfield, MA is another longtime fixture in the metal scene. Having formed back in 1998, the band has seen its share of musical evolution. Their new album places them firmly in the shallow end of the metal pool, but it’s well written, well composed and finely executed, making it a worthy listen.

Lastly, is American melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder. Heavily influenced by melodic death metal pioneers Carcass, (see 1993’s Heartwork) they should be a great beginning to the night.

To get tickets for this show go here.