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Municipal Waste Comment On Rihanna, Chris Brown "Metal" Jacket


What the what?
Rihanna and Chris Brown have unwittingly created quite a controversy, and this time, it doesn’t involve Chris pummeling Rihanna’s face until she looked like one of those gigantic tiki mugs you drink rum out of on vacation.

This time, Rihanna and Chris Brown have metal fans pissed for wearing a jacket with metal and hardcore band patches on it.

Brown wore a jacket with Exploited, Corrosion of Conformity, Suicidal Tendencies, Cro-Mags, and Municipal Waste patches on it out in public; a picture of that clown can be found on our Facebook page, where we’ve been ridiculing him all day. Rihanna wears the same jacket on the back cover of her new album.

They both probably just thought it looked cool or bad-ass. Believe me — there’s no way in hell either of them know who any of those fucking bands are.

“For the record — Chris Brown can sport our shit all he wants,” says Municipal Waste online. “We still think he is a fucking moron.”

Municipal Waste frontman Tony Foresta, meanwhile, said of Rihanna’s jacket: “Ok now Rihanna is rocking a Waste logo on the back of her new album? What the frig is happening here?!?!”

For Chris and Rihanna, its fashion over passion, bra.


Now, here’s a sexy picture of Rihanna, courtesy of GQ.