The War on Drug’s Dave Hartley, performing solo as Nightlands, will make a stop at PhilaMOCA on Tuesday night December 4th, 2012.  Hartley will be playing an original score to the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey”, along with some Nightlands album music.  If you’re a fan of the modern movie score, this is probably a show for you.

Hartley is gearing up to release his sophomore album as a solo artist, Oak Island, which will hit shelves on January 22nd.  He has already made one track from the record available, “So Far So Long Now”.  Several instruments compose this simultaneously upbeat and ambient song, including guitar, synthesizers, trumpet, percussion and a blanket of lush, layered vocals.  As a solo artist, Hartley follows in the footsteps of his father who is an Engineer, trying to ascribe meaning to art through analytical processes.  For instance, one of the questions he tackles in this latest effort is if the human voice were exponentially layered, would we end up with more of a human quality, or just more machine?  But even though Hartley uses digital means to create music and answer questions, we still hear the plunk and grit of acoustic instruments.

Hartley’s music swims in the vein of relatively serene acoustic and synthesized instruments.  His instrumentals can be very dream-like at times, tapping into memory and visceral feeling, like in “God What Have I” from 2010’s Forget the Mantra.  His melodies aren’t necessarily straight-forward, but they are still beautiful and meaningful, sometimes more a part in the whole of instrumental and synthesized collages than serving as the piece de resistance of any one song.

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