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Experimental indie group Black Moth Super Rainbow will be at Union Transfer Friday December 7th.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with their style, get ready to rock out in a very trippy, synthy kind of way.  The group encompasses various styles into their music, including folk, electronica and pop, produced by instruments including the vocoder, Rhodes keyboard, and Novatron.  The band has released five albums thus far, their latest being Cobra Juicy, which came out in October of this year.  This latest effort shies away from all things hippie (as was the steeze of some of their previous work), and marks a real departure from lead songwriter Tobacco’s previous musical creations.  The path leading up to the production of the album was slightly rocky, having started out with a different and less up to snuff record that would have been called Psychedelic Love Damage. The tracks on this would-be album just didn’t cut it with Tobacco, who trashed most of the record and dreamed up a fairly different animal.

The energy is definitely ramped up in parts of Cobra Juicey, especially in the first track “Windshield Smasher”, with rhythmic bumping and soaring synths supporting vocoder-drenched vocals.  Things get a little more melodic and a tad gentler in “Melted like a Sundae”, which seems much more like a song than the previous track, good to dance around to.  And then of course there’s “Psychedelic Love Damage” from the scrapped album, even more mellow than the previous two, including synthesized sounds dancing little arpgeggio-like lines up and down under more digitized vox cooing out a forlorn melody.


Union Transfer is located at 1026 Spring Garden Street.


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