Last week, Otep — who hasn’t been relevant since the late 1990s, when people would incorrectly read her name as Opeth, click on news posts, and then go, “Wait, I thought this was a story about Opeth…who’s Otep?” — slammed lesser blogs like ThePRP for being homophobic and sexist.

She attacked Blabbermouth and its users, and has been going on a Twitter tirade ever since about these so-called sexist sites.

Funny she’s not mentioned Revolver’s site at all, seeing as they basically make up a year’s worth of ad revenue with a single issue, because dude’s are perverts.

Yesterday, she continued her attack on “fake music news sites” that allow users to post negative comments. Funny how bands people actually like and give a fuck about don’t seem to mind the expression of free speech. Weird.

“Fake music news sites using YOU to get ad $$$ & allow hate speech will not escape my wrath,” she writes on Twitter. For the record, we barely make a dollar a day in ad revenue. We do it for the love of ripping no-talents like you new rectums.

“Bullies of any sort need to be dealt with. #OTEP,” she writes.

So, essentially, she’s using bullying tactics to stop bullying. Genius.

  • As much shit as i talked about ya from some of your articles, its still your right to do so and voice ur opinion, just like it is mine. Sexiest or not, biased or not, Everyone has the right to say what they want. I dont know what makes her justify a site as a “fake music news site” But maybe she is still one of those people that watches MTV 24/7 hoping to catch a their own music video from the 90’s being played?

  • I just want to know how many dicks she had to suck for her band to get signed.