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Deus Otiosus Exclusive Song Stream: "In Harm's Way"


I defy you to hate this Deus Otiosus song.

Just try.

Go ahead. You’ll have a hard time hating it, though. Why? Because it’s a fucking ass-kicker of a death metal song, from what is a truly brutal, aggressive album, Godless.

GunShyAssassin is proud to be able to stream a track from the Danish death metal band, whose album is available now.

The song is called “In Harm’s Way,” and can be found at the end of this post.

This is old school death metal, folks, with tinges of blackened thrash. Either way, it’s fucking heavy and one will be helpless to thwart that instinctive impulse to whip that head back and forth.

Deus Otiosus are the real fucking deal, folks.