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Pop/rock outfit Mayday Radio is on tour in support of their latest release, Don Quixote.  They will be performing a free show along with songwriter Jeffrey Fields at Common Grounds Coffee House this Saturday December 8th at 8pm.  Mayday Radio is the project of songwriter Jeff Ting, whose songs teem with unabated expression spanning an array of issues, from personal to political.  This latest album is named after the legendary Spanish character who strives to revive chivalry after reading an excess of books on the subject.  He makes a suit of armor, and sets out for adventure.  Ting’s life parallel’s this epic character’s life to some extent- he who moved from Boston to New York city to soak up the thriving culture the city has to offer, and convey pertinent messages through music.

The storyline of the album is evident in the title track, which starts out with some march-like percussion and optimistic, adventuresome guitar.  Ting sings very passionately, “When I donned this… suit of armor, I convinced myself that somewhere inside me there is honor.”  He continues the parallelism by comparing his guitar to a sword in the chorus.  Other noteworthy tracks on the album are “The Human Heart”, in which he discusses the complexities of human emotions and the importance of taking risks, and “Wine to Water”, which deals with the issue of a lack of clean water in impoverished parts of the world.  Ting puts both human adversity and human strength under the microscope through warm guitar riffs and smooth singing, in the vein of U2 or Coldplay.  He touches on simple and uplifting ideas that we may not stop to think of often enough, like the notion, “…we could all be braver than we give ourselves credit for.”

Common Grounds is located at 6224 Wayne Avenue in Philadelphia, PA.

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