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Vision Of Disorder Add To Shows For 2013


Vision of Disorder
I usually never compile a best of list towards the end of the year, because I truly find it impossible (most years, anyways) to narrow things down to just ten great examples of awesome.

But if I were to make a list this year, Vision of Disorder’s new album The Cursed Remain Cursed would certainly rank somewhere in my top five — along with the new Deftones, the Sylosis record, Neurosis, the new Testament, Nachtmystium’s record and Revocation’s EP. The new Devin Townsend stuff. It’s too hard, man. Dying Fetus released a new record, too.

There were too many solid releases this year; I’d have to say I listened to more awesome shit in 2012 than I did in 2011.

I base “favorite” status on the amount of listens, when it comes to music.

I listened to the new V.O.D. record a lot. The band just added to new shows to its 2013 schedule.

In addition to their West Coast appearance February 2 in West Hollywood, California, at the Whisky A Go Go, Vision of Disorder will also play Seattle the night before with Deathbed Confessions and the Vatican at Studio Seven.

The band will also play January 27 in Poughkeepsie at The Chance. I may have to drive up for that one.