Who out there doesn’t love the experience of going to the movies? Sitting back in a darkened theaters, munching on popcorn, escaping into dreams and fantasies onscreen is one of the small joys in life. While fancy new theaters with their stadium seats, surround sound, and fifteen screens piled on top of each other are a nice convenience, there’s something about going to a classic old movie house, walking under that brightly lit marquee, and through a lobby with some individual personality and style.

These establishments are few and far between these days, falling by the wayside as ticket sales decline, and the majority of the business goes to the megaplex at the mall. Well now is your chance to help save one of Washington State’s oldest movie houses, the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma.

Showing its first film in 1923, the Blue Mouse, a central piece in the local community, is now in imminent danger of closing down. Starting next year their distributor will no longer deliver 35mm film prints, and in order to continue operating, the theater needs to upgrade to a digital projection system. For a small business, already balancing on the razor edge between continued existence and closure, this is a huge, possibly crippling expense.

The Blue Mouse has started a Kickstarter campaign to help finance the transition to digital. So far they have raised more than $41,000, which is wonderful, but they still have a long ways to go.

The deadline to contribute is January 16, 2013, so please, check out their video down below and consider chipping in. Beyond the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping preserve a vital, vibrant piece of the community, there are a number of different incentives for donating. The Blue Mouse is one of the few remaining theaters in the area that still hosts weekly screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, who doesn’t want to see that continue?

Community Help Save One Of Tacoma's Blue Mouse Theater, One Of Washington's Oldest...