Picking your favorite performer from Land of the Sweets: the Burlesque Nutcracker is a bit like picking your favorite Beatle, or Wu-Tang. It is an arbitrary thing to take a stand on, and many calories are burnt to that end. (At least here at HQ.) The easy choice is Waxie Moon, right? Waxie is brilliant, and impossible to forget. But then there is Inga Ingenue, there’s the aerialists, there’s Trojan and Paris original, Kitten La Rue, Babbette La Fave, Lily Verlaine, Miss Indigo Blue — all choices lead to awesome.

There is something for just about everyone. Just about every flavor of sexy and fun is on the stage at the Triple door.

This year there are new costumes, new dances. There are new reveals and blow-offs, there is tap dancing and coed point, and running around in glorious costumes and wigs. The whole time the air is full of confetti. Many times the stage is swept as Emcee Jasper McCann croons, and plays with the Snowflakes and the audience. Between that and the gentle teriyaki aroma from the Triple Door’s food mixing with your cocktail and the cleavage on stage you’re pretty much having a great time.

Last year I said the Best thing about Christmas in Seattle is the Burlesque Nutcracker.

Spectacle is too small a word. There isn’t really a through narrative going on with this show, except in the loosest of meanings. It’s not about that. It’s about presenting the audience with a relentless barrage of performance. It seems clear that one of the principal objectives for show creators Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann is to fit as many dances, strip-teases, set, wardrobe, and makeup changes into this show as possible. There is an amazing economy of time. While the curtain is down and the set is undergoing some metamorphosis, there is always some smaller dance number going on in front. This show is engineered within aerospace tolerances. It’s seamless. It’s also funny, and sexy, and has many moments of athletic brilliance.

I meant it then, and I think this year is just as great. Be sure to also check out our Q&A with Lily Verlaine from last year as well. This weekend is pretty much sold out. Get your tickets soon Seattle.

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