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Review: Allen Stone in Bellingham @ The Wild Buffalo 10/9

Allen Stone, Photo by Lindsey Bluher

The voice. The shimmying. The hair. The soul. There’s just something about Allen Stone that makes men and ladies alike lose control of their hips to this pied piper. On a Sunday night in Bellingham at the Wild Buffalo, Stone and his band of crazies packed one of the best venues in our state to play a sold out show. Following his now well known show in Seattle at the Paramount on December 7th, having the opportunity to see this star on the rise in a venue that holds only 450 was sort of like seeing Marvin Gaye in your living room.

That feeling of intimacy is unbeatable- up close and personal is probably the best way to see Allen Stone perform. You get to see the passion in his eyes behind those spectacles, and fervor in his hands as he strums the guitar, and if you look close enough, you can see his heart beating in tempo with every lyric to ‘Unaware.’ If you’ve seen Stone within the past year as he wins over every crowd he performs in front of, you’re well aware of what to expect from him. He and his fellas go until they don’t have any more sweat in their bodies, singing songs from Stone’s self titled release like ‘Celebrate Tonight’ and of course the fan favorite ‘Sleep.’ His shows feel like you’re at a party with all of your best friends, and as the crowd sways and dances together chances are you’ll make a few as you sing along and smile wider than you thought possible.

Shows like his at the Wild Buffalo are rare, but not nearly as rare as a talent like Mr. Stone himself. If you haven’t seen him live yet, you may never get to see him in a room of less than 500 people, but take him however you can get him. He’ll make it worth your while.