Photo by Korum Bischoff.
Photo by Korum Bischoff.


Are you wondering what in the world you are going to do to entertain your children after the holidays? Can you already see that they will be  crazy once the indulgent relatives have left with daily routines and nap schedules having been thrown out the window during this festive season? What can you do to occupy them that will not be dependent on Seattle’s fickle weather? Teatro Zinzanni’s current family show, Big Top Rock, may be your answer. Big Top Rock is a collaboration between Teatro Zinzanni and Kindiependent, a collective of local family-oriented bands, including such favorites as Caspar Babypants and Recess Monkey. The show combines kiddie rock music with circus acts in between some of the numbers and is aimed for children ages 3-10, although younger kids certainly would enjoy the show as well.

Don’t worry if you think your children cannot sit still through a performance. There are free pre-show activities, and my five year old daughter said that was her favorite part of the experience. Teatro Zinzanni members lead kids on an obstacle course and even attempt to teach them how to juggle scarves. During the show itself, children are invited to go into the kiddie mosh pit in front of the stage and dance and jump around.  Audience participation is highly encouraged. Food and snacks are available for purchase because nothing makes children grouchier than hunger. Big Top Rock is one hour and fifteen minutes long which is the perfect length for kids.

The Not-Its! played during the show my family attended, and they very gamely performed additional numbers when a technical difficulty prevented one of the circus acts from going on as planned. Christopher Phi’s hand‑balancing acrobatics and Una Bennett’s rope act were particular highlights of the show. I would have preferred to see more circus acts in the show, but that is just my bias. Big Top Rock was mostly a kiddie rock concert with a few circus acts thrown in between, but it was very entertaining for the children.

There are three Big Top Rock shows remaining, January 4, 5, and 6, 2013.

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