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Hear A New Chimaira Song — Right Now!


You know you wanna hear it, so just head to the end of this post like I always have you do, and listen to that shit posthaste.

The song is called “Eye Despise” or “I Despise” (Mark Hunter didn’t spell it out, so…we don’t know for sure), and Chimaira debuted it during the 13th annual Chimaira Christmas concert, which went down last night.

Chimaira have been working on new music as of late.

They plan to spend the next few months completing the album so they can record it and get it out this coming summer.

This new song rips. I think that you will like it, too.

If you ask me, songs can’t have enough guitar squeals. Seriously. More guitar squeals!

Also, I love the cunt in the beginning who has to throw in a “You” after Mark intros the song.

Hey cunt…shut the fuck up! You’re annoying.