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I Suddenly Care About A Band Called Illnath


Before today, I had never heard of the band Illnath, but today, am very much interested in the Danish band.

They’re a death metal outfit, fronted by a blonde with a sexy scowl. She looks like she’s gnaw through my rib cage after sex. Like a praying mantis.

Illnath will issue their fourth album, 4 Shades Of Me, on March 12 through Pitch Black Records.

A press release says the album contains 11 songs that showcase the band’s progression “leaving completely aside keyboards and other symphonic elements. This is pure, hard-pounding aggressive metal!”

Oh, good. I guess they used to be symphonic metal, but realized that shit’s whack and thought better of it.

A new tour is being planned, details of which will be announced soon.

I will go see Illnath if they come to the states, just because I want to see that singer’s ass in tight jeans.

This is what Illnath sounds like now.