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Corrosion Of Conformity Beer Coming Soon


The C.O.C. beer is coming!
See? This actually fits.

You couldn’t release a Corrosion of Conformity wine or a C.O.C. vodka.

People who listen to Corrosion of Conformity like beer, I’d wager. Or fine spirits I’m not even aware of. But mostly beer.

So this makes sense. Kennesaw, Georgia-based breweries Burnt Hickory and Anderson Bros. are collaborating on a rum barrel aged imperial raisin porter named after the band.

According to Burnt Hickory, “The beer will be brewed this week and be sent into a wonderfully sublime exile for a few months. Aging in the barrel you see, it was be treated to a constant loop of the Technocracy EP for the duration of its stay!”

Damn, that’s awesome. I’m not a drinker and absolutely abhor raisins, but I’d polish off a bottle of this.

No word yet on when and where you’ll be able to get the C.O.C. brew, but we’ll keep you posted.