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Video: Compressorhead Perform At Big Day Out


If you still don’t know who Compressorhead is, I have but one question for you: Where the fuck have you been?

Compressorhead’s a band of robots who can play better than most metalcore acts you listen to.

The robot band recently performed live for audiences in Australia.

The band was at this year’s Big Day Out, and played Motörhead’s “Ace Of Spades” for the crowd.

You can see video of that amazingness at the end of this post.

Compressorhead hails from Germany and consists of guitarist Fingers, bassist Bones and drummer Stickboy.

The band plays a selection of well-known covers, but I have only seen them play “Ace of Spades.” I guarantee you this act will end up touring, or having its own show in Vegas.

The future is now. Robots are taking over. We are doomed.