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Korn Do Something We Can’t Make Fun Of


Most of the time, Korn — the self-proclaimed inventors of dubstep — are pure fodder for comedic relief around these parts.

But this, we can not make fun of. In fact, it was downright nice of the boys and, as much as their music may blow, we need to recognize their good deed.

It seems Korn met last October with a sick fan through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

That fan, Tyler Sims, suffers from lupus, an auto-immune disease that leads to excruciating arthritic pain and other physical ailments.

Sims told the foundation he always wanted to meet Korn, and so he traveled to Phoenix with his family to hang with the band, in town for a show.

I would have asked to simultaneously butt-finger and motorboat Kate Upton if I were Tyler Sims, but, well, I’m a fucking pervert.

Here’s video proof of Korn being nice.