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Peter Steele Biography Coming


Soul On Fire
And it’s even authorized! Meaning, the family of the late Type O Negative and Carnivore frontman have signed off on the project!

Called “Soul On Fire,” Peter Steele’s biography is being worked on at this very moment. Not by me, alas — but by metal journalist Jeff Wagner.

The book will be “a comprehensive investigation of [Peter’s] life and music, supported by those who knew him best, written by a fan, for the fans,” says a Facebook page for the book.

“If you’re a fan, have recollections of meeting Peter, have photos, tattoos, or anything, Facebook. This is a total labor of love and one that his followers will hopefully find an indispensable part of the Type O continuum.”

It has been almost three years since Steele died from heart failure at the age of 48.

I would have called the book “Inch By Inch,” and that’s probably why I am not working on the tome.