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Review: Half Time by Ubiquitous They


Half Time, an hour of seamlessly interwoven sketch comedy starring four members of Ubiquitous They (Sophie Lowenstein, Jason Miller, Clayton Weller, Chris Dewar), directed by Mark Siano (the Habit, many other amazing projects) finishes its run this weekend at the Seattle Creative Arts Center in Ballard. Tickets are still available for the final shows this weekend. You’d do well purchasing them. $12

UT have, at last count, 47 full time members. (Requires math, don’t quote me.) Going in I expected a large cast. That wasn’t the case (though other UT members were writers of the show). Having the restriction of four actors made for fun transitions, and it was great to see them getting workouts. Making it look easy is one thing. Making it look just shy of chaos is, I think, better.

It was in the sweet spot between aerospace and witchcraft. Siano had his telltales. The dancing, the way actors became different characters with shrugs. But at the same time, even from the back row we could see crazed looks between them, and that conspiracy of having fun on stage, going in and out of the moment.

I don’t want to ruin any of the sketches, but I will say the “Nuh-uh” vs “Yeah-huh” defense was at play in a divorce sketch where it was kids for adults. The show started with time travel past selves, clockwork light and sound cues, and you’re all-in. Iguanas have an important place in this show, giving it a Werner Herzog-iness. (Major points.)

There’s a purity to this show. They’re not trying to change the world. They’re trying first and foremost have to fun, and second, to make us laugh. I’d say they’re succeeding on both.