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Former Anthrax Guitarist: “My Heart Simply Wasn’t In It Anymore”


Anthrax with Rob
Well, that seems a good reason to leave. I’ve left jobs and chicks for the very same reason. So, let’s knock Rob. He just wasn’t feeling being in one of metal’s biggest legacy bands. Oh well.

Rob Caggiano, former guitarist for Anthrax, says in a new interview that he just had to leave. He just had to.

Leaving “was a very tough decision to make…There are a number of reasons why I left the band,” says Rob.

“Some of them are very personal to me but I ultimately have no problem being open about these things. If you were to ask me to give you the absolute main reason why I decided to leave Anthrax, I would tell you that I left because my heart simply wasn’t in it anymore.”

Caggiano says he “had a blast playing with those guys and they will always be family to me, but outside of my guitar solos and production work, Anthrax was never a creative outlet for me (musically). That wasn’t by any choice of my own by the way; it’s just the way it is.

“But at the same time I was committed 100 percent to the band and the relentless touring schedule, etc. It’s been a blast playing with those guys. I love them dearly and I wouldn’t change a thing about the last 12 years, but I guess it just got to the point where I started asking myself: ‘What the hell am I doing? I’m a musician; this is who I am. Being creative is simply food for my soul. Why am I devoting all of my time and energy into a band where being creative is impossible for me?’ It simply stopped making sense a while ago and I ended up feeling very unhappy and unfulfilled. It started feeling like I was just going through the motions and that’s not what music is about to me at all. As soon as I realized that my heart was not into it anymore, I knew I needed to make a major change in order to make things right for myself.”

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