Seattle will soon have a double dip of comedian Eddie Pepitone. He’ll be here for a show headlining Laff Hole at Chop Suey on Wednesday February 20th ($10, here), and then after going down to Portland for another show he’ll be back in Seattle for a screening of The Bitter Buddha, a documentary about Pepitone by filmmaker Steve Feinartz on the 23rd. Both he and Feinartz will be doing a Q&A following the screening. Get your tickets here, this will surely sell out.

Pepitone recently returned from doing comedy abroad, again. After trudging through the gauntlet of the 2012 Edinburgh Comedy Festival for the first time, doing shows day after day amid the fury and flutter of the month long festival, Pepitone has come out on the other side with a presence in Europe, and a new keenness to his edge, temper to his steel, metaphor to his metaphor. Currently Pepitone is on tour to support the Bitter Buddha, and do as much stand-up as his increasingly full schedule allows.

I was joined on the phone by Pepitone while he and Steve Feinartz were out on a walk in San Francisco for a little chat and catch up since our last interview.

Tom Mohrman: How was Norway?

Eddie Pepitone: Holy shit, I’m still recovering from Norway because of all the transatlantic flights. I did a festival called the Crap Comedy Festival, run by a couple of Norwegian comics who saw me in Edinburgh. I did a killer show at a place called the Park Theater in Oslo. It was just such a revelation to do shows in Norway. Audiences speak better English than we do, and they were really great fucking audiences. I had a great time.

TM: Was there any sun?

EP: You know, I was all freaked about that. I was like, “Can I see the Northern Lights? I hear you can see the Northern Lights and you only have one hour sun.” It was sunup at nine, and sundown at five, so just like winter. Snowy. I liked it.

TM: Did doing Edinburgh open up Europe for you?

EP: It did. It opened up a lot, because Edinburgh is like a trade fare, to show your wares to all of Europe. So I’m going to do Melbourne Australia. (I know that’s not Europe, but Melbourne in April), and then I’m doing the Soho Theatre in May for three weeks, and then I’m going back to Ireland, so, I’m doing a lot overseas.

TM: Will you be in Seattle for the Screening of the Bitter Buddha at the Northwest Film Forum?

EP: Yes I will be. Me and the director. I’m with the director right now by the way. (We’re walking up to City Lights Bookstore.) I’ll be in Seattle for the Laff Hole show, and I’m driving to Portland, for a show in Portland, and then back up to be there for the movie in Seattle. Let me give you to Steve for what we’re doing on the movie…

TM: So tell me about the movie tour.

Steve Feinartz: We’re going to open in a few cities, LA, New York, and Houston, and the film is going to be coming out in about ten other cities, Dallas, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, and a couple more. We’re on a tour right now. Some one-off screenings, a couple long runs. It’s going to come out at the same time as video on demand. That’ll be February 19th. Get as many people as possible all at once. And then hopefully we’ll do Europe and Australia, maybe in May. It would be fun to release the movie out there.

Be sure to see Pepitone at Laff Hole on the 20th, and then again on the 23rd at NWFF. He screams truth into your giggling heart. Get ready for the bloodbath. For more on Pepitone, check our previous extended chat, and our love for his album A Great Stillness. Follow Eddie on Twitter, and be sure to check out The Long Shot Podcast, where he squares his aim on squirrels, rage, and the economy in equal measure.

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