Everyone should spend some time in the American south, if only for a short visit.  There is something so alluring and quaint about the miles of open space, the simpler pace, and the twang of the background sounds.  If, however, you don’t have time or resources, for a quick getaway, let me propose a solution much cheaper than a plane ticket.  Look no further than your favorite music retailer for Death Letter Jubilee, the newest release from blues-rock group, The Delta Saints.

The Delta Saints

The Delta Saints are a group of five: Ben Ringel (vocals/dobro), Dylan Fitch (guitar), David Supica (bass), Ben Azzi (drums), and Stephen Hanner (harmonica).  They bonded at at Belmont University, in Nashville, and have been making music together every sense.  The group produced two successful EP’s and enjoyed a full touring schedule that included stops all over the United States and in Europe.  German music publication, Hooked on Music said of the A Bird Called Angola EP, “With the quality of these six tracks one wishes only that The Delta Saints had submitted a full album, because it is only the finest southern rock, which cries out for a sequel soon.”  With the support of a very successful Kickstarter Campaign, The Delta Saints were able to release such an album,  Death Letter Jubilee, on January 15, 2013.

These are songs about love, travel, and growth.  The style ranges from raw to melodic and tosses influences of gospel and jazz into the mix.  The overwhelming tone is southern blues and everything that entails.  From the guitar riffs of tracks like “Jericho” or “Liar,” to Ringel’s gritty and emotional vocals, particularly in “Chicago” and “Old Man,” to the syncopated rhythms of the title track, Death Letter Jubilee, paints a musical picture of not only Tennessee, but also the men whose instrumental and vocal talent make up this honest and memorable album.

To purchase the Death Letter Jubilee or for more information on The Delta Saints, including a touring schedule, visit http://www.thedeltasaints.com.



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