Fans of CW’s, One Tree Hill or Heart of Dixie, already know about Pittsburgh native, singer-songwriter, Brook Annibale and are probably already fans of her music.   Because both shows are known for their exceptional music choices,  even people who don’t watch those shows are not immune to her influence and rising popularity.  If, however, you have managed to miss her music, her newest EP, Words In Your Eyes, is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself.

Brooke Annibale's Words In Your Eyes

Brooke Annibale began working with The Smoakstack, a Nashville based recording studio, while she was still a Music Business student at Belmont University.  After working with engineer, Justin March, on her first album, Silence Worth Breaking, which Glide magazine called, “the kind of album some artists wait their whole lives to make,” both parties were eager to release more work.

Even before, Silence Worth Breaking, was released in 2011,  Annibale was already working on songs for Words In Your Eyes, which was released February 5.  By her own description,  Annibale is constantly creating and developing and her newest provides undeniable proof of that.

If the style of Words In Your Eyes, seems more experimental than her previous works, it may be because the process was different.  “We just started from from scratch,” she says, “I ended up playing instruments that would definitely be outside of the box for me.  I ended up playing the piano and marimba just because they were in the room.”   The result, a combination of electronic and ambient,  is a demonstration of her skill in both the artistic and production process and is one that fans will enjoy.

It’s hard to pick a favorite of from this compilation.  Just when I think I’ve settled on one, it changes.  The album, in it’s entirety, has a narrative sensibility  that makes each song appear to be a continuation of the last.   I would say that the most disappointing thing about the album is that it isn’t longer.


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