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Ace Frehley’s Home In Foreclosure


Ace Frehley
Dude, what the fuck?

I’ve got money problems, but I was never in one of the biggest bands in the history of rock and roll. It’d make sense if my home were in foreclosure, and who knows? Maybe it is.

But for the one and only Ace Frehley to be in danger of losing his Yorktown, New York, home is just, to me, unthinkable.

This man should own a home, after all the money he’s amassed over the years.

Reports claim he hasn’t paid his mortgage in almost two years.

The bank filed a mortgage foreclosure case on February 15, asking the court to order a sale of the home — which sits on 3.01 acres and has two floors, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The sale will help pay the outstanding principal of $703,581.48 plus interest, late charges and other expenses.

That’s a bummer. Anyone got a couch Ace can crash on?