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A Transylvanian Funeral Exclusive Song Stream: "Light Cast Out"


Gorgos Goetia
Are you in the mood for some one-man black metal?

I figured you’d say “Yes,” so that’s why we teamed up with the folks at Forbidden Records to bring you this exclusive song stream from A Transylvanian Funeral.

It’s filthy black shit and you’ll love it.

The song comes from Gorgos Goetia, A Transylvanian Funeral’s new album, which will be available starting March 20 for the apt sum of $6.66.

A Transylvanian Funeral is one man, known as Sleepwalker, who handled all the writing, recording and production of the album.

The new album — Sleepwalker’s third — is a step in a new direction.

Gorgos Goetia is a staggering 72 minutes of raw and unbridled black metal magick, with no drum machines, no keyboards and minimal production values to retain the creative and improvisational style of the album.

Gone are the meticulously crafted layers of guitar harmonies, replaced with primitive barre chords and haunting arpeggios. Blasting robot drum machines are cast aside as Sleepwalker’s abuse of live drum dynamics dominate the recordings.

Check it out and see if you don’t agree. It could just sound like yelling and chanting to you, but then, why would you be here?