You can tell that spring has come early to Seattle this year. Not because of the weather – that’s still stuck somewhere in early January – but because the live music calendar is suddenly full again. The winter blues are over, bring on the rock’n’roll of spring.

There are so many bands gracing our venues over the next couple of months that it’s often hard to know who to see and who to spurn. If you’re looking for a good place to start, however, then you’ll want to check out Frightened Rabbit at the Showbox at the Market on March 8th. Here’s why:

1. The Music, Obviously.
It doesn’t need saying, but we’re going to say it anyway: Frightened Rabbit have some scarily good tunes under their belts. Not only does their album The Midnight Organ Fight have one of the best titles of all time, but the follow-up – The Winter of Mixed Drinks – also has one of the finest pop songs in recent memory in ‘Swim Until You Can’t See Land’. Throw in a stellar new album, and you just know they’re going to sound great on the night. If Mumford & Sons, Snow Patrol and Death Cab For Cutie had a child together, he might sound something like this.

2. Seattle Already Loves Them.
Talking of Death Cab For Cutie, fans of the folk-pop gods will already be familiar with Frightened Rabbit. They supported Death Cab on recent tours both in the US and in the UK, and their sound is close enough that fans of one can’t help but fall in love with the other. With an indie folk-pop vibe that already sounds like a soundtrack to the Pacific Northwest, this is as close to a homecoming as an overseas tour can be.

3. Get Your Scotch On.
That’s right – Frightened Rabbit hail from across the Atlantic, specifically the Home of the Brave(heart). When was the last time you saw a critically acclaimed Scottish band playing in Seattle? I thought so. Buy yourself a kilt, get loaded on scotch, and let the Rabbits take you for a Highland fling.

4. Make That a Double Scotch.
If one acclaimed Scottish band isn’t enough for you, then we’ll throw in another for free. Support band The Twilight Sad are worth the admission price in their own right, but back-to-back with Frightened Rabbit they create an irresistible Scottish sandwich. You’ll want to get to this show early – who knows when we’ll see such a perfect storm of Scottishness again.

5. Did We Mention ‘Swim’?
Okay, so we’ve already alluded to this… But check out the video for ‘Swim Until You Can’t See Land’ below, then tell me that you don’t want to see this performed live. Tickets are still available from the Showbox website, priced $17 plus fees. What are you waiting for?

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