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The Beanstalk Library to Play MilkBoy Philly Friday March 1st

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The Beanstalk Library will bring their infectious rock and pop sounds to MilkBoy Philly this Friday March 1st, sharing a bill with Ryan Tennis, Up the Chain, and Carl Anderson.  The band has released their debut EP, America at Night, and is gearing up to put out their first full-length album this May.

With songwriter Ryan Walker at the helm, Beanstalk Library creates songs inspired by classic pop and folk music.  Their tunes can be rockin’, electric and dance-invoking, or acoustic, forlorn and balladic.  Blazing electric guitar and keyboard licks grab the ears in “Feeling My Way in the Dark”, the melody of which instantly resonates.  However, gentle guitar strumming is the foundation of “Female Form”, with sweet and sorrowful vocal work and the gentle brush of strings to add to the tune’s benevolence.


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