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Award Winning Artist, Raphael Xavier, Presents Book Exhibit on March 21-22, 2013


A perk of having a bike, specifically in a compact city like Philadelphia, is not having to worry about parking.  Practically anything you can chain your bike to becomes a parking spot.  The downside, however, is that these ecofriendly and convenient methods of transportation don’t come sporting high-tech security systems and GPS trackers, making them susceptible to theft and vandalism.  It’s possible that the street light  you were so relieved to see and secure your bike to may be the time you ever your beloved bike, that is,  unless  Raphael Xavier, was able to capture a picture of it.

No Bicycle Parking by Raphael Xavier

Every year, approximately 300,000 bikes are stolen in the United States.  “There is a lack of respect for the bike, the owner, and the character of the bike itself,” says Xavier.  As a way to return to the bike some of the respect it deserves, as well as bring awareness to the issue,  he’s created No Bicycle Parking, a collection of essays and photographs revolving around the problem of abandoned, vandalized, and stolen bicycles. “The focus of the showing is to gather stories from owners of stripped chrome horses who thought they would never see their bikes again.”  Although due to be published in the fall of 2013, the book isn’t quite finished.  It’s missing your story.

On Thursday March 21 – March 22, at the Painted Bride Art Center in Philadelphia, Xavier will be presenting an exhibit of excerpts from his upcoming book.   In addition to getting to meet this award winning artist and author, Thursday’s attendees will be able to submit their own “abandoned bike” stories, which may be published in the final copy of No Bicycle Parking.

Raphael Xavier is a professional photographer whose work has appeared in Rap Pages and The Source.  He is an award winning breakdancer named by the Dance Journal as one of the “Top 25 Philadelphia Choreographers of 2012.”   Additionally, he works as a rapper, music producer, comedian, lecturer, and author.  In June, he will begin, The Unofficial Guide to Audience Watching Performance Tour, which will include stops in 30 cities across the United States.

The No Bicycle Parking book exhibit will take place March 21-22 from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Painted Bride Arts Center, 230 Vine Street.  The meet and greet event will occur on March 21 at 5:00 PM. Admission is free.  Visit: or for more information.