The Bridgetown Comedy Festival returns for a sixth year April 18-21 in Portland Oregon. (Most of the venues a walkable distance apart on Hawthorne.) At 12:00PM Pacific Time today Bridgetown HQ announces the full lineup, and passes will go on sale. ($79 for the weekend, with $10 off until March 27th. Additionally there are a limited number of “Golden Ticket” VIP passes available for $149.

The pantheon of funny descending on Portland this year wields a varied arsenal. Dana Gould and Reggie Watts are two of the biggest American names to be announced today, while two British names comedy geeks will be excited to hear are Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Popper, the creators of the BBC cult comedy hit “Look Around You.”

Podcast fans will be glad to hear the “Who Charted” with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack will be back to the festival, and “Walking the Room” with Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony will be at Bridgetown for the first time this year. 2013 will also see the Bridgetown debut of Mike Schmidt’s long-running podcast “The 40-Year-Old Boy.” Los Angeles sends its mainstays “Put Your Hands Together” “Holy F***” and “The Super Serious Show,”

Other notable acts debuting this year include Karen Kilgariff, Julian McCullough, Laura Kightlinger, Blaine Capatch, Christian Duguay, Seth Herzog, and Jermaine Fowler. Some of the great national and international acts returning  to Bridgetown in 2013 include Moshe Kasher, Todd Glass, Myq Kaplan, Baron Vaughn, Chris Fairbanks, Matt Kirshen, David Angelo, Kurt Braunohler, Tone Bell, Sean O’Connor, and Matt Braunger.

Bridgetown is about curated and produced shows as much as standup showcases. Two of the most exciting returning shows are Bryan Cook’s ”Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction,” and Samantha Varela’s “Picture This” where comedians are illustrated live by cartoonists and animators while they perform. “Crappy Cinema Council” descends from Brooklyn. Fans will also be treated to Nato Green’s “Iron Comic” and a stage appearance from Mike Burns’ popular Twitter character in “Dadboner & Friends, You Guys.”

In addition to the bigger acts there will be some of America’s best lesser-known comedians performing at the festival. Perhaps they are names you might not know yet, but that’s one of the great things about Bridgetown. You can trust that just about any show will be good, and with a little drunken luck, wristband bearers will find new acts to follow. For some of these comedians Bridgetown may be their first national festival. Seattle, for instance, is sending a great crop of first-timers this year … More on that soon. In the meantime check at noon for the full lineup and to snatch up those VIP tickets and early-bird discounts. Follow them on Twitter for further announcements as they come, and start planning your trip to Portland in for the weekend of 4/20.

Culture Breaking: Bridgetown Comedy Festival Announces 2013 Lineup