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“Hot For Teacher” Lawsuit Proceeding


Joseph Corlett
This link claims that a suit by a man suspended from his Detroit-area university after writing about his attraction to teachers in a class journal will move forward.

Creepy dude Joseph Corlett, 57, sued the school Friday for $2.2 million and four lost credits, claiming his free-speech rights were violated.

A home builder who enrolled in college because of the weak economy, Corlett said he was a 3.5 student in a writing class at Oakland University in Rochester until he submitted a journal in 2011 titled “Hot For Teacher.”

He was inspired, obviously, by the 1984 song from Van Halen.

Unfortunately, Corlett was super creepy about his assignment. He compared his female instructor to Ginger from “Gilligan’s Island” and, in short, said he worried he would be distracted in class and not learn because he wanted to bone his teacher.

He said another teacher who was pregnant was “hot, and not just from baking the bun in her oven.”

Maybe it’s because I’ve never had sex with a pregnant chick before, but I’d imagine it’s kind of scary. I’d be afraid to hurt the baby. Towards the end, I get buck nutty, and can’t be controlled. So, I’d be worried my boner would scramble the kid’s brains or something.

But this Corlett dude thought the preggo teacher was hot. That’s creepy, no?

The teacher informed her dean after reading the journal for the first time, and officials said Corlett’s writings violated a policy against intimidation or harassment.

He was barred last year from enrolling in classes, and was ordered to undergo counseling before returning as a student.

“When you get past the titillation, you’ve got to look into what’s really going on here,” said Corlett. “It’s academic freedom or no academic freedom. We’re all collectively dumbed when speech is suppressed or challenged.”

My verdict? This guy loves to beat off.